When Larian Studios released Divinity: Original Sin back in June 2014, it was so critically acclaimed that gamers and reviewers alike start to wonder how is the game ever going to be topped. With its excellent storytelling, combat features and mod support, Original Sin was often touted as one of the best RPGs ever made. […]

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Mafia 3

The 1960s were a tough time especially for African Americans, with rampant racism, civil rights movements and the assassination of a prominent black civil rights leader. So when Hangar 13 announced that Mafia 3 is going to be set in 1968 and feature a black protagonist, not a few eyebrows were raised. The developers promised […]

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Over the years, we have seen our fair share of zombie-based games being churned out by developers, so much so that there are debates going on whether or not the video game market is being overly saturated by the zombie shoot-em-up genre. From the ever popular first-person shooter Left 4 Dead series to the survival-based […]

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Cities: Skyline

The city building simulation genre has always been dominated by one video game series, EA’s SimCity. The series has been so successful that the game is now a synonym with that genre. Whenever city building simulation is mentioned, one name will always pop up in everybody’s mind, and that is SimCity. Any games of that […]

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Faster Than Light

You are the captain of your own spaceship and you have your own crew, each of them is in charge of a section of the ship. You have been tasked with delivering vital information to your allies who will use it to battle rebels. Along the way, you will encounter space pirates, solar flares, asteroids […]

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