I am sure most of you should know by now what PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG is all about. For those of you still living under a rock, it is basically a multiplayer battle royale type game where you and roughly 99 other people are parachuted onto an island where you need to scavenge for weapons and equipment to battle it out with the others to be the last one standing, all the while the battleground shrinks, slowly draining the life of those out of the boundary.  Released as early access back in March, it has taken the gaming world by storm, selling an astonishing six million copies within the first four months.

There are many tips and strategies that are essential in achieving total victory. Whether you like to move around in the shadows like an assassin or go about all guns blazing, these strategies have been adopted by veterans of the game to great success. If you happened to stumble your way across this post it can only mean 2 things; either you were one of those aforementioned rock dwellers who finally got your hands on PUBG or an experienced player still struggling to win that coveted chicken dinner. Well you have come to the right place. Here is the list of tips and strategies that you can use to finally have a shot at winning.

Study the PUBG Maps

Know the Battlegrounds’ map. From the moment you land, you will have scavenge for weapons, armor, backpacks and other essential survival items. Knowing where you can find them beforehand will give you the upper hand early in the game. Besides that, you must also know where you can find vehicles as well as vantage points for scouting purposes. Bear in mind though that you will likely go up against people who have the same thought so plan your strategy around that. Hotspots with quality loot will likely be swarmed with people so it is always not a good idea to land there. It might be a good idea sometimes to land in a more secluded spot with sparse loot and work your way from there. To help you study the map better, check out PUBG’s hottest loot spots, as done by PCGamer.

Play the Stealth Game

The goal of PUBG is to be the last one standing. That doesn’t means you should start shooting at every moving thing to try and kill it. Not only it will deplete your ammo but it will also give your position away. You should try to be as quiet and as stealthy as possible especially early in the game when ammo is scarce and you should only pull the trigger when you know you can kill your target. Do not especially engage in any ongoing battles when you know you’re not in danger. Let them fight it out and once it’s over you can move in and finish the “victor” off since he or she will be low in HP. As the matter of fact, many of the so—called professionals are currently adopting the stealth meta in order to win. There are cases as well where players won without firing a single shot the entire game.

Avoid Open Spaces

Speaking of stealth, another way to stay hidden is to avoid open spaces if possible. Keep in mind that every single player is out to kill you. Running through open fields on the island is basically sending out invitations to the other players to come shoot and kill you. If for whatever reason you have to go through open areas, maybe to outrun the electric wall for example, find a vehicle first so that you can traverse across at speed. Even if you cannot find any vehicles well worry not, you can always hide in the bushes or lie prone among tall grasses. If you happened to find yourself in the open water, dive underwater to stay hidden and to avoid getting hit by bullets. You can’t stay underwater all the time though since you need to surface for air every once in a while.

Communicate with your Squad at all Times

Always, always communicate with your squad mates. Let them know every single details of what’s happening at your side no matter how trivial. Encourage two-way communications by letting your teammates know if they need supplies or anything that can help the team. If you are the designated scout, let your team know if there are any enemies, loot or vehicles nearby. Use the compass located at the top of your screen to relay the location of said targets to your team. Always support your team and have their backs whenever there is any team battles going on. And please for the love of everything that is holy avoid friendly fire and do not and I repeat do NOT kill your teammates. Not only will it hamper your squad’s chances of winning the game but it also can and will get you banned from the game, even if you mean it as a joke. Check out PCGamer’s guide on how to communicate with your squad better in PUBG.

Don’t Stop Moving

Always be on the move. Whether you are hidden or exposed don’t ever stop running. For the time being at least PUBG does not have a stamina system so you do not have to worry about your stamina running out from all the running. Being mobile all the time will make it harder for enemies to aim at you and thus your chances of survival will be higher. Even when you are looting always move about while you transfer items to your inventory. This helps especially if you are looting care packages which are always dropped outdoors. When engaged in fights, always move about while shooting at the enemy and don’t ever stand still even if it means that you will have better aim. Standing still will make you an easy target.

Scout the Surrounding Areas

PUBG allows you to switch from first-person view to third-person and vice versa. While in third-person view, you can look around you without moving your body by pressing the Alt key. This allows you to scout your surrounding area by panning the camera independent of your body movement. This is especially useful if you are in a prone position as your movement will be limited and you will run the risk of being spotted if you move about. Besides that, you can swap which shoulder the camera looks over in third-person by holding down the right-click mouse button and pressing Q and E. This is useful when you are peeking around corners for scouting purposes.

Study the Electric Wall Patterns

Watch out for the Blue Wall of Death! This electric wall was introduced in PUBG as a means of avoiding time-wasting. The wall forms a circle that surrounds the island and it will keep shrinking over a period of time. Anyone trapped outside the circle will have his or her life slowly depleted. The damage done is inversely proportional to the size of the circle, the smaller the circle gets, the greater the damage it deals. Early zone circles don’t deal much damage so you can still survive, the fun only starts when the blue circle reaches the white circle as the damage dealt will double! Knowing the timing of each circle is essential for your survival so time it right. Here are the timings for each of the circles:

Circle 1: 5 minutes

Circle 2: 3 minutes 20 seconds

Circle 3: 2 minutes 30 seconds

Circle 4: 2 minutes

Circle 5: 2 minutes

Circle 6: 1 minute 30 seconds

Circle 7: 1 minute 30 seconds

Circle 8: 1 minute

From the moment you are allowed to jump out of the plane, you have one minute and 50 seconds to start searching for loot before the first circle is formed. From there, you will have five minutes before the circle starts shrinking towards the white circle. Once it reached the white circle, you will then have 3 minutes and 20 seconds before it starts moving and so on.

Avoid the Red Zone

Besides the BWOD zone, there is another zone that you should keep an eye on and that is the Red Zone. This red zone appears randomly around the map and whoever gets caught in it will run the risk of getting fire-bombed. So yeah, not only you will have to worry about getting electrocuted but also about getting yourself bombed. You should watch out for the red zone and avoid it at all cost. If you happened to find yourself in a red zone, find shelter and stay there until the bombings stop. You will be warned of an impending bombing though so be prepared then to run for your life.

Know the Weapons

Like I mentioned earlier, you can in fact win a round without the need to fire a single shot. However, this isn’t the case all the time. At some point, you will need to shoot and eliminate enemies and this is where weapons come in. The weapons and guns in PUBG are divided into nine categories; melee, pistols, shotguns, submachine guns (SMG), light machine guns (LMG), bows, assault, marksman and sniper rifles. Take a look below at the list of weapons sorted by the nine categories and their respective stats*:


Image Name DMG
 Crowbar Crowbar 60
 Machete Machete 60
 Pan Pan 80
 Sickle Sickle 60


 P18C P18C 19 9mm 17
 P1911 P1911 35 .45 7
 P92 P92 29 9mm 15
 R1895 R1895 46 7.62 7


 S12K S12K 22 12 Gauge 5
 S1897 S1897 25 12 Gauge 5
 S686 S686 25 12 Gauge 2


 Micro UZI Micro UZI 23 9mm 25
 Tommy Gun Tommy Gun 38 .45 100
 UMP9 UMP9 35 9mm 30
 Vector Vector 31 .45 13


 M249 M249 44 5.56 100


 Crossbow Crossbow 105 Bolt 1

Assault Rifles

 AKM AKM 48 7.62 30
 Groza Groza 48 7.62 30
 M16A4 M16A4 41 5.56 30
 M416 M416 41 5.56 30
 SCAR-L SCAR-L 41 5.56 30

Marksman Rifles

 Mk14 EBR Mk14 EBR 60 7.62 10
SKS SKS 55 7.62 10

Sniper Rifles

 AWM AWM 132 .300 5
 Karabiner 98 Kurz Karabiner 98 Kurz 72 7.62 5
 M24 M24 84 7.62 5
 Mk14 EBR Mk14 EBR 60 7.62 10
 SKS SKS 55 7.62 10
 VSS Vintorez VSS Vintorez 35 9mm 10

Know the Armor

PUBG isn’t all about who gets the best guns wins. Your armor plays an important role as well in ensuring survivability. There are many types of defensive items that you can pick ranging from a simple baseball cap to police vests. There are three armor tiers in PUBG with each tier having its own durability and damage reduction values. Durability dictates how much hits a piece of armor can take before it gets destroyed and damage reduction tells you the amount of damage it can reduce. Bear in mind that the damage reduction value will stay constant until that piece is destroyed.

Tier 1  

30% damage reduction

Durability of 80 on the helmet, 200 on the vest.

Tier 2

40% damage reduction

Durability of 150 on the helmet, 220 on the vest.

Tier 3

55% damage reduction

Durability of 230 on the helmet, 250 on the vest.

Your hands and legs though unaffected by armor it takes 55% less damage when hit. Headshots deal 2.5 times more damage than a chest shot.


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