The massively popular battle royal shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds or PUBG hit yet another milestone yesterday when it broke DOTA 2’s long-standing record of having the highest concurrent player count on Steam. According to the Steam Charts, PUBG reached an astonishing 1,348,374 users, breaking DOTA 2’s record of 1.29 million that it reached back in March 2016.

What is even more impressive about this record is the fact that PUBG is still in development and is priced at $30 whereas DOTA 2 is a free-to-play game developed and promoted heavily by Valve themselves. A couple of weeks ago, Valve made that dreaded announcement that they are going to abandon the Half-life 3 project to focus more on DOTA 2, which makes PUBG’s achievement all the more remarkable.

Even though the current record is incredible, what is certain is that the numbers will continue to rise as the developers plan to add more features in the future. The most recent September update that added a new town, a new semi-auto rifle and foggy weather effect is most probably responsible for this record-breaking feat as more players came in to check out the update.

Over to you, DOTA2.

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